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"Golden Queen from Outer Space"

This outfit was created for a client to wear at the Barbie Convention.
It consists of stays made from golden lamé and sparkling glitter fabric with a detachable stand-up collar, a short hoop skirt and long overskirt open in the front, made from the same material.

The corset is decorated with hip fins featuring golden spikes.
The front of the corset is quilted for additional 3D effect.

This design belongs to my client and therefore won't be reproduced.

Price for designs of similar complexity:

Stays from 1250 €*
Detachable collar from 250 €*
Hoopskirt from 550 €*
Long overskirt from 350 €*

*Royal Black does not bill VAT, due to the small business law, as defined in §19 UstG. Shipping costs are not included.