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Couture Ensemble "Gothic Romance"

Luxurious couture ensemble consisting of an underbust corset, a matching bra, a matching neckpiece with detachable sleeves, a flowing underskirt and a shorter, two-layered pleated overskirt.

The corset, neckpiece and bra are made from taffeta and pvc.
They are decorated with lasercut pvc motifs, silver spikes and little silver chains, attaching flowy, transparent silk sleeves to the neckpiece.

The underskirt is made from layers of flowing silk chiffon, same as the sleeves.
The overskirt is made from the same taffeta as the corset and bra, pleated in two layer which are shorter in the front and longer in the back.

This design belongs to my client, but similar designs are available on request.

Underbust corset from 900 €*
Matching bra from 225 €*
Matching neckpiece with detachable sleeves from 600 €*
Voluminous silk chiffon underskirt from 550 €*
Pleated overskirt from 550 €*

*Royal Black does not bill VAT, due to the small business law, as defined in §19 UstG. Shipping costs are not included.