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General Info about Costumes & Accessories

Royal Black creates couture costumes and evening wear made to your measurements and ideas.
You can choose a style from the catalogue, ask for any desired customisation or order a costum design based on your own ideas and wishes.

For couture corsets, entire outfits, gowns, historical costumes, etc. personal measuring and fittings are neccessary to ensure the correct fit of your new outfit.
For this reason Royal Black couture creations are not available in standard sizes and via internet.

Please note, that custom-made creations can take a lot of time, since every single garment will be especially created for you, according to your desired material, size and requested details.
If you need your order to be ready for a fixed date or special occasion, please make sure to get in touch as soon as possible to allow enough time for discussing your ideas, searching materials, fittings, ...

You can find most of my past creations with detailed info and prices in my catalogue. Just take a look around and don't hesitate to email me, in case you have any further questions.