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Couture Costume "Mother of Aliens"

The "Mother of Aliens" is a piece of wearable art created for a client and inspired by the work of H.R. Giger.

The outfit consists of an overbust corset, a neckpiece and a skirt and is the most complex piece Royal Black has designed so far.

The corset and neckpiece are made of metallic dupioni silk with pvc lasercut appliqué and the skirt is made of high quality crepe fabric.
The shoulder and hip pieces are hand carved from EVA foam, coated with black silicone and feature handpainted acrylic orbs, which can be illuminated by blue LEDs - glowing in light patterns thanks to Arduino microchips.

The spine pieces in the front and back of the outfit are detachable and consist of a lasercut pvc base and over 100 3D printed and handpainted vertebrae pieces.

This design belongs to my client and therefore won't be reproduced.

Price for designs of similar complexity:
from 7000 €*

*Royal Black does not bill VAT, due to the small business law, as defined in §19 UstG. Shipping costs are not included.