27. 11. 2016: Silver Thistle, Snowflower & more

Today I finally found time to update the website with some of my latest creations:

Firstly I added "Silver Thistle" - my latest piece of wearable art - to the "Enchanted Garden" collection.
It took me ages to finish this design, since I wanted every detail to be perfect and it required countless hours of handsculpting, painting, beading and decorating, but I'm really proud of what I have achieved with this design.

Also I added little "Snowflower" to the underbust corset section. It is a new addition to my "Lace Dreams" collection, also featuring a beautiful engraved front busk made by my talented colleague Lowana from Vanyanis.

The third new design is "Felicitas" - a commissioned piece based on my "Guard" design from the "Glorious Empire Collection.
I really love the graphic ornaments and holographic fabric my client has choosen for this piece.

Finally I have added two new editorials by Laura Helena Photography and by AnathCemetery Fotografie & model Troys-Seducement to the Gallery section.
Many thanks again to all the wonderful and talented people who made these photoshoots possible!

05. 08. 2016: Huge Couture & Costumes Update

After an insanely busy spring/summer season I have lots of new outfits to share:

In the Couture section I have added the "Guardian of Time", the "Grey Eminence", "Scarlet Witch" and the "Black Admiral".
Four completely custom made designs, commissioned by four amazing ladies from Switzerland, the UK, Germany and Austria.

Also I finally managed to add the long due section "Costumes & Characters" to the website, where I will present costume and character designs I made for clients.
I have newly added the "Mother of Aliens" and "Atlantis" to this section. Two more incredibly elaborate designs I finished this spring.

At this point I would like to say thank you to my incredible clients for letting me create such stunning pieces for you! I am really proud and happy that I could realise all these designs this spring!

17. 01. 2016: Major Design & Gallery update

First of all a belated Happy New Year!

I finally found time to finish a long ovrdue website update, which means that I uploaded many of my recent creations and also added some new editorial pictures to the galleries.

In the Overbust Corset section you can find the "Black Romance" corset, the "Champagne" corset and the "Marquesa" corset, in the Costumes section I have added "Dewdrop", "Golden Cage", "Marquesa" and "Firebird" and I have also uploaded the "Firebird" corset separately to the Couture section, as it is such a beautiful piece.

In the Gallery section I have added three more pictures to the "Fashion Warrior" series, then uploaded a gorgeous editorial by Hanny Honeymoon and Missy Queen, which I called "Fashion Fairytales" and finally I added three brand new pictures of the "Silver Thistle" couture outfit, photographed and modelled by talented Threnody in Velvet.

I hope you enjoy all these new pieces and pictures and wanted to thank you again for your ongoing support of my work and brand!

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